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Hooray!! It’s November, which means that all month we’ll be celebrating our love of books AND raising money for some great organizations!! 

-get 10% off literary-themed tattoo appointments in the month of November, and Icon will be donating 50% of profits from those tattoos to Write Around Portland and Fishtrap! 

-On TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, come to our Literary Flash Day! We are so, so, so excited about this. In case you don’t know, most of us are pretty big book nerds, and we are sooooo stoked about drawing up flash for this!!! 100% of profits from the day go to WRAP and Fishtrap!

-Bring in a donation for Portland Books to Prisoners and get $10 off a tattoo appointment or $5 off a retail purchase (no you can’t combine this with the 10% off literary tattoo discount, you swindlers, but you CAN get both 10% off a literary tattoo AND $5 off a retail purchase!!!). Portland Books to Prisoners needs books—fiction, westerns, dictionaries, books by African-American or Latino authors, clear mailing tape, brown paper for wrapping books, and cold hard cash. 

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