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onegoodglove said: Re: November literary tattoos-- Is this a flash special? Or are you all just discounting annnny literary tatt? What about illustrations from biology books? I got a Twin Peaks tatt from you all a few months ago, so happy there's another special! Carrie

Just saw this!! Sorry we missed it. All November we’re doing literary tattoos for 10% off, and donating 50% of the profits to Write Around Portland and Fishtrap. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th, we’re doing a literary flash tattoo day, all pre-drawn designs at a huge discount, and we’ll be donating 100% of proceeds to Write Around and Fishtrap. Also, all month long you can get $10 off any tattoo appointment or $5 off a retail purchase by bringing in a donation for Portland Books to Prisoners! 

  1. onegoodglove said: Thanks for responding! I’ll definitely be stopping in tomorrow and am working on an appointment with Kirsten! Thanks!
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